Wednesday, July 6, 2011


     I was cleaning out my gift wrap cabinet and found a piece that had all these wonderful images.  Immediately I knew I would be making a Pendant Charm out of it. I'm sure you've seen them around, but you cannot believe how easy it is to make.  So, let's get started.
     Tools and Supplies needed:
Sakura Hobby Craft:  Rectangular Glass Gem, 2 Bales and 3-D Crystal Lacquer
Jewelers pliers     
Graphic (I used image from gift wrap paper)
Printed WORDS (I used my computer to print: Bon Voyage
Charm for bottom of Pendant
2 Split Rings
Lobster Claw Fastener
Memory Foil Tape
1.  Cut Graphic (image) to fit Rectangular Glass Gem.  Adhere WORDS to Graphic.
2.  Add a small amount of 3-D Crystal Lacquer to back of Gem and apply Graphic.  Let it dry.
     (if graphic is translucent, add white paint to backside of graphic).
3.  Apply Bales (one on Top and one on Bottom, centered) over graphic with more 3-D Crystal 
     Lacquer, and coat entire back of graphic.  Let it dry.
4.  Wrap Memory Foil Tape to sides and burnish edges (I used a Bone Folder tool).
5.  Add Split Rings to Bales.
6.  Add Lobster Claw Fastener to Top and Charm to Bottom Split Rings.
     That's it, you're done.  Simply attach to a chain or strand of Pearls and dazzle all your friends when you tell them that you made it.  
Happy creating and keep smiling, Carol

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