Friday, June 24, 2011


WELCOME to Festive Friday Blog Hop. It is so much fun participating in this event and it certainly keeps me thinking of just how much I LOVE Christmas. So her is my contribution to this week's Blog Hop:

     This is my version of a Victorian Christmas.  I used old supplies that I had to create it.  I used two different Lace Border Punches, two different Laces,  and used my imagination as my guide to a Victorian Merry Christmas.  Hope you enjoy it.  Happy day, happy everything, and, now on to the next artist.  Just click on the Link below:
Terri Sproul – Blog:

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Graphic 45 paper in the background along with Navy Cardstock, this card was then layered with a PC Board and Grunge Board, die cut with Tim Holtz Gears, I created a ghost image of gears on Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky Back Canvas. It is then stamped with "happy birthday and numbers" to create this unique card.  I can't wait to give this card to someone special on his 90th Birthday.


     Looking outside I see the sun is shining, the pool, not yet warm but with its inviting color along with the sound of a soft waterfall, beckons me to come and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my sun deprived skin.  It looks like summer and I want it to be summer. I want to cast all my responsibilities aside and just bask in the sun.  After all, if I were on vacation, that's exactly what I would be doing.

     Perhaps that is one of the keys to life, enjoying each day as if I were on vacation. And daily responsibilities will be there every day.  I want to have a balance in my day so that I can appreciate and enjoy life's daily pleasures while tending to today's To Do List.  "Life is more than two weeks a year."  And, God's beautiful opportunities come daily, I think He wants me to enjoy them.  So today I am going to stop what I am doing and go outside by the pool and take a lunch break.  It'll be my mini vacation for today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


     Sakura's Crystal Lacquer is my new best friend and I have been running around the house looking for items to put it on.  It's amazing just how many items can use a little enhancing.  After exploring all avenues I settled on creating a Key Ring for my husband since Father's Day is just around the corner.  
     Let me share the procedure with you and trust me, the most difficult part of this project is waiting for it to dry (overnight works well).  This is what you'll need:

Sakura's: 1 Square Blass 1-1/2x1-5/8
               1 Bail
               Crystal Lacquer Pastel Transparent Blue.
               3-D Crystal Lacquer (clear)
Other Supplies:
               3 Charms with a Beach Theme.
               Gold Micro Beads, Split Ring and 1 large Double Ring.
               A Smile and loads of Enthusiasm.
1.  Place a very small amount of 3-D Crystal Lacquer inside Square Blass.
2.  Position 3 Charms.
3.  Carefully sprinkle small amount of Micro Beads on the inside bottom of Blass (to simulate sand).
4.  Apply Transparent Blue Pastel Crystal Lacquer around charms, careful not to get on micro beads.
5.  Wait a couple of hours for it to dry, then apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer over entire inside of Blass.
      Wait for it to dry, overnight works well.
6.  Attach Ring,

     That's it, you're done.  Simple right?  Before you wrap it,  apply his favorite keys and watch his
expression, especially when he hears that you made it.  Have fun, I know I did.  Keep those creative juices flowing by trying different themed charms and different colors of Transparent and Opaque Crystal Lacquer.
     Here's another suggestion.  Attach a Lobster Claw instead of large Ring and attach to your favorite Chain or strand of Pearls as in the following photo:
     Enjoy the journey and don't limit yourself to the possibilities that await you.  Keep smiling, Carol

Friday, June 10, 2011


     This one is too small and this one is too large, but the fun we had was just right.  We were laughing so hard that a couple of the proprietors of a large Antique Store came over to see what was going on.  What was going on you ask? It was my friend Jo and I being silly and enjoying it.
     Yes, we were looking at all the wonderful treasures that surrounded us and enjoying the humor that life silliness brings our way, and it didn't cost a penny, but the moment was, well, priceless.
     As adults we sometimes, maybe most of the time, forget what comes so easy for the young, fun.  Yes, in that moment Jo and I forgot to think as adults but remembered to laugh and have fun like we would have as young girls, and for that moment we gleaned the joy of making one another laugh.  It was simple, everyday fun.  It was such a great reminder as to the little things in life.  I want more of that in my life, how about you?  "Life comes in moments, glean from each all that you can." -Me.


Can you stand it? It's another Friday and another opportunity to share 

Holiday Cards created by artists throughout the craft world. What an honor 
it is to be a part of this fun event.   Here is my entry for this Friday, inspired 
by thoughts of a friend who is in need of an Angel today.

 In this card I have used several different products.
1.  Red and Green Cardstock.
2.  Gold Cardstock Die Cut using QuicKutz border die.
3.  Graphic 45 paper for Stained Glass Window and Angel.
4.  K & Company 'Glad Tidings Word Die Cut Cardstock and Flower', layered.
5.  Seed Beads for center of Flower.
6.  Glossy Accents for Stained Glass Window and Flower Center.
7.  Gold Pearl Pen for Frame around window.
8.  Stickles for Angel.

So now, since this is a BLOG HOP, please go to the attached site to continue 
the experience: