Saturday, February 26, 2011

Creative Break

     Today I am going to a friend's house and we are going to make cards. After that, I am taking a hands-on break to do what we women do so well, shop for clothes. So check in later to see photos of our card creations and clothing finds.  Keep Smiling

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today is Share Day. What Did You Make Last Night?

Look at what Treasured Memories' Craftkateers are taking to work for 'Share Day' today. Yes, they made this book last night and can't wait to share their artistic talent with fellow co-workers.  Feel like you missed out? No problem because this class was such a hit that it is being repeated on March 16 at Treasured Memories in Oak Park, CA.  Keep on Smiling.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Canvas Wall-Art Calendar

Using Bo Bunny Paper, Tim Holtz Grunge Board and various embellishments I created this Wall Calendar.  This was a class taught at Treasured Memories in January.

 Paper, Webster's 'Your Life, Beautiful
             Basic Grey's 'Basic/vocab
K & Co.'s BW Flora & Fauna Adhesive Die Cuts
Mini Calendar Page
Mini Pearls
Crystal Lacquer in 3-D, Clear, Green, and Opaque Pink
Craft Mat


  On Craft Mat,
1.  Take Clear Green Lacquer and make several leaf forms in different sizes.  Let dry completely before  
2.  Take Opaque Pink Lacquer and, from the center out, swirl lacquer to form Rose shapes (add green swirl in 
      one).  Let Dry Completely, remove from Craft Mat.

  Making Flowers,
3.  Die Cut or Punch Flowers.  ShapeFlowers and cover with 3D Crystal Lacquer. You can add a little Pink for 
     color. Let dry.  Layer w/different size and shape punched flowers, apply bling, Lacquer Roses, and/or more 
     3D Crystal Lacquer.
4.  Swirl-Cut scraps of paper apprx. 3"-4"sq, roll from outside in, glue to paper base to make Rosettes.
 Composing Your Page,
5.  Add K & Co. Die Cuts and Green Crystal Lacquer Leaves.
6.  Add Photos and Journaling, including mini Calendar Page.  Don't forget to mark the date(s).

Friday, February 11, 2011

How Does Your Friendship Garden Grow?

 Paper, Webster's 'Your Life, Beautiful
             Basic Grey's 'Basic/vocab
K & Co.'s BW Flora & Fauna Adhesive Die Cuts
Mini Calendar Page
Mini Pearls
Crystal Lacquer in 3-D, Clear, Green, and Opaque Pink
Craft Mat

Sunday, February 6, 2011


     God created our world in 6 days, and on the seventh He rested.  Wish it was that easy to create my current three projects, all do asap.
    It's not that the ideas are not there, its that yesterday and today are too beautiful to be indoors.  It's 80 degrees outside, the sun is in full bloom and there is an occasional mild gust of wind, so lots of movement to distract me.
    And now it hit me, I'm going to move myself outdoors along with my tools, product and inspiration and Create!  Look around for your creativity, it's around somewhere, you just have to remember where you set it down, go outside and create and be inspired by God's perfect creation that surrounds us.  Enjoy today!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


     Each morning I look outside my bedroom window. From there I can see so many shades of green in the landscape. And, in the morning sun, it all glistens like a painting, just created, that is still waiting for the days sunlight to dry it and make it permanent. Did you know that the human eye sees more shades of green than any other color. Today the color green was fresh, clean, crisp and infinite. I think I’ll keep it.

Chumming with my Peeps

     In the past 4 days, I have had the privilege to meet and greet with many of the 'Superstars' in the scrapbook and art world and I loved every moment. Not being a 'Superstar' myself (yet), but being made to feel like one by the greats, well, in 'Carol's World' I was with my peeps.
     Who are my 'Superstars' you ask?  How about Teresa Collin, who is not only gorgeous, sweet, warm, friendly, adorable and so real,  (and made me feel like her bff) so how can I not love her. After all, she gets that it is all about the Crown, which is a theme of hers.  I'm having a blast playing with your Stampmaker.  Nicely done.  Look for her new Paper Line.
      Tim Holtz, Jenni Bowlin, Claudine Hellmuth, Wendy Vecchi, all for Ranger. 
 - Tim, you're my guy.  I love your approach.  Its so strong and bold and so grungy, I just want to roll up my sleeves and 'get inspired.'  Look for 'Watercolor Wash'. It's brilliant!
 - Jenni Bowlin, you adorable spark of life, you sure have a great eye for Vintage.  AND, your new line of paper is to die for and, (be still my heart) is now Double-sided.  Don't miss her Malted Milk stamp pad.  It will turn  any stark white background paper into instant vintage.  You go Vintage Queen. 
- Claudine Hellmuth, OMG, aren't you just a ray of sunshine.  It was a blast spending time with you learning new techniques.  I am so in love with your Positive-Negative Stamp Sets.  Your style and color palette is so fresh I just want to play all day.   If you haven't already discovered her 'Studio' mat medium, ask for it.  It will adhere anything to everything.
- Wendy Vecchi, thank you for befriending  allowing me to video tape your session.   AND, your 'Clearly Art' sheets are a must.  If you haven't tried them, get them.  Check out her video on Ranger's site to learn more about them.

     Well, I am off to my studio to play with all my new fun product.