Wednesday, August 3, 2011


     I just cannot wait to fill this with a gift for my BFF.  This Jewel Tin Box took longer to make only because of the drying time in-between steps so let's get started:
 Supplies needed:
Sakura 3-D Crystal Lacquer ~ Sakura Square Tin Box ~ Tattered Angels Glass (acrylic) Flourish ~ Chunky Aged Silver Glitter (or you can use silver seed beads) ~ Mixed Blue and Green Seed Beads ~ Scissors.

1.)  Using Scissors, Cut Flourish  to fit top of Tin Box.  Let Dry Completely.
2.)  Sakura 3-D Crystal Lacquer is the only adhesive or glue you will need and you will begin by applying it to the backside of cut Flourish and set onto top of Tin Box.  Then, taking a small section at a time, apply Crystal Lacquer to Top of Flourish, generously sprinkle with Silver Glitter and tap-off excess.  Repeat until entire Flourish is covered.  Let Dry Completely.

3.)  Repeat step #2 only this time you will be applying Colored Seed Beads to the negative space on Tin Box.  Let Dry Completely, then fill with Hand made Jewelry, Gift Card for your BFF...or Mom.

     That's it, you are done.  Try using your favorite colors or if giving it away, the favorite colors of lucky recipient.  Be creative and above all, have fun because 'art should never hurt.'
Keep Smiling, Carol

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