Friday, February 18, 2011

 Paper, Webster's 'Your Life, Beautiful
             Basic Grey's 'Basic/vocab
K & Co.'s BW Flora & Fauna Adhesive Die Cuts
Mini Calendar Page
Mini Pearls
Crystal Lacquer in 3-D, Clear, Green, and Opaque Pink
Craft Mat


  On Craft Mat,
1.  Take Clear Green Lacquer and make several leaf forms in different sizes.  Let dry completely before  
2.  Take Opaque Pink Lacquer and, from the center out, swirl lacquer to form Rose shapes (add green swirl in 
      one).  Let Dry Completely, remove from Craft Mat.

  Making Flowers,
3.  Die Cut or Punch Flowers.  ShapeFlowers and cover with 3D Crystal Lacquer. You can add a little Pink for 
     color. Let dry.  Layer w/different size and shape punched flowers, apply bling, Lacquer Roses, and/or more 
     3D Crystal Lacquer.
4.  Swirl-Cut scraps of paper apprx. 3"-4"sq, roll from outside in, glue to paper base to make Rosettes.
 Composing Your Page,
5.  Add K & Co. Die Cuts and Green Crystal Lacquer Leaves.
6.  Add Photos and Journaling, including mini Calendar Page.  Don't forget to mark the date(s).

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